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500 farmers diversified to growing English carrots

Sunshine Vegetables has had a deep socio-economic impact on the farmers of the region. Today, more than 500 farmers, who used to grow wheat in the rabi season, have now diversified to growing English carrots. An approx. area of 2,500 acres in the cluster has been converted into English carrot growing area which produces more than 50,000 MT of English carrots annually and has become the Carrot Capital of India.

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The area under carrot production grew at 46% CAGR between 2012-13 and 2015-16 while the production grew by almost 50% in the same period.


More than 6000 daily-wage labour employed in harvesting carrots

Apart from land-preparation, sowing, plant nutrition & protection, more than 6000 daily-wage labour is employed at carrot farms during the harvesting season. Several micro-enterprises including 30 Agri- input stores, 20 washing centres, custom hiring centres, logistics operators and cold chain operators have sprouted in the region. More than 600 skilled employees are employed at these service providers. Everyday around 15 trucks and 2 reefer trucks are loaded from the cluster for the markets, processing units and cold storages in rest of the country.

Incubation of entrepreneurs

In the carrot cluster, 8 existing under-utilized potato cold storages have been now converted to carrot cold storages and are under 100% utilization, while two more carrot cold storages are in the pipeline by new entrepreneurs in the region.

Boon for dairy farmers

The cluster also produces more than 5,000 MT of nutritious green fodder annually, thus bringing benefits to dairy farmers in the cluster and neighbouring regions. 

Doubling the farmer's income

In terms of income, each farmer growing wheat used to earn approximately INR 25,000 per acre. Today, each carrot farmer earns around INR 50,000 per acre, thus doubling the income.