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Sunshine Integrated Rural Agri Hub

In India, cold storages are mostly built for potato and because of the sturdy nature of the crop, not much care is given to the product while it is in storage. Another reason for the neglect of the product in storage is non-captive use of the cold storage. The cold storage operations are on a rental model where the rent is charged on the number of bags instead of the weight of the product. Thus, even if the product is spoiled or loses weight during storage the cold storage owner is not responsible for it and nor does he face any economic loss.
In the case of carrots, the product is very sensitive to temperature and humidity. It requires 0 to 2 degree Celsius of temperature and more than 95% humidity in storage. No cold storage in India was equipped to maintain such atmospheric conditions. Sunshine Vegetables in consultation with experts on cold chain established the first carrot cold storage that was specially designed to maintain the required conditions.

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An integrated pack house is in the development stage. Once the project is completed, the product will flow seamlessly from farm to cold storage to packhouse to trucks to wholesale markets and retail outlets.

Beri & Beri Cold Storage

5000 MT capacity cold storage built in collaboration with Global AgriSystem in 2002, presently on lease with us.

Thus, we have a total cold storage capacity of 12500 MT, while another 7500 MT capacity is under construction.

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