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We're a company born
out of a passion to make
agriculture specialised.

We are the largest producers of english carrots in India
and we are growing.


We create value through farmer centric approach to agribusiness.


Farmers’ engagement model developed by Sunshine Vegetables is an innovative contract farming model, which not only prevents the farmer from falling into a debt trap, but also provides assured return through buy back guarantee at predetermined prices. 

We have focus on only the best.

Nantes variety of carrot is our anchor product. We have developed research-oriented partnerships with seed companies to produce the best for market.



We built the first of its kind in India, the state-of-the-art,  carrot cold storage, featuring the latest cooling technology that maintains high humidity without external humidifiers and the most effective control and monitoring system. Simply experience the revolutionary post-harvest management system for carrots in India.

We are building the future of carrots in India.

Quality, Quantity and Commitment.

We take pride in delivering only the best.
We can provide quality product in large quantities.
We stand by our commitments.